Matthew’s Approach

I enjoy and am passionate about all aspects of Special Effects from the start of a job to its final outcome. I’m very much a team player and regard Film-making as a collaborative process.


“Matt has one of the most horribly wonderful, gleefully gruesome minds in the business. Clearly if he wasn’t doing this he’d be serial-killing so for God’s sake please keep him in employment” Charlie Brooker.

Communication and collaboration

I believe communicating the Director’s vision in the best possible way is of paramount importance. Initially, I read the script thoroughly to get a feel for the character within the environment, or setting, portrayed and then I undertake the visual research necessary to create the make up.


Problem solving

As the process progresses, I am determined to solve any problems that might arise along the way and, having worked in a range of high-pressure and difficult conditions around the world, I thrive on challenges and enjoy working to tight deadlines.


Using the right materials

For me, Make-Up effects are not just about the latest materials and techniques but, more importantly, about how realistic and believable the make-up looks; about how it moves on the body being filmed. In this sense, I do not allow the technical aspects of prosthetics to dictate the artistic aspects of the process. I select the right material for the particular job at hand.


Actor comfort

In order to effectively tell a story in an intelligent and convincing manner, actors have to feel comfortable in their ‘second skins’ and thereby achieve their best performances. For this reason, I am committed to a ‘less is more’ approach. My approach with actors is to provide a highly personable service in a comfortable and professional environment.


Attention to detail

I look at things with a great eye for detail and apply make-up in delicate ways that maximize subtlety and credibility for the particular context.